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Super RF Connectors & Cables, China Factory Direct Sale, More Economical.

RP Coaxial CablesRP Coaxial Cables

RP Coaxial Cables

We can offer SMA、N、UHF、BNC、MMCX、MCX、TNC series cable

RF ConnectorsRF Connectors

RF Connectors

We offer SMA、SMB、BNC、N、UHF、NC、MMCX、MCX series connectors

RF PCB ConnectorsRF PCB Connectors

RF PCB Connectors

we can offer SMA、BNC、N、 MMCX、MCX series PCB connectors for PCB board.

RF AdaptersRF Adapters

RF Adapters

We can offer SMA/BNC/N/UHF/TNC/UHF/MMCX/MCX Series straight 、right angle and T type adapters.

RF AntennasRF Antennas

RF Antennas

We can offer GPS、GSM、2.4G/3G/5.8G and Outdoor Antenna.  

RF Custom-built pigtail cableRF Custom-built pigtail cable

RF Custom-built pigtail cable

We can offer SMA, IPX/UFL,MMCX with RG178 , RG316, RG142 , RG402, RG405 pigtail cable

Microwave ConnectorsMicrowave Connectors

Microwave Connectors

We can offer 1.85mm 2.4mm 2.92mm Microwave Connectors.

TRB/MHV/SHV/SMP ConnectorsTRB/MHV/SHV/SMP Connectors

TRB/MHV/SHV/SMP Connectors

We can offer TRB、MHV、SHV、SMP、BMA Series connectors.

Banana/HDMI Cable & AccessoryBanana/HDMI Cable & Accessory

Banana/HDMI Cable & Accessory

we can offer Banana  connector , adapter , cable and other accessory.

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